The Sanitized® hygiene function combines freshness, comfort and material protection, which are all aspects that can be used in textiles and polymer items. The idea behind this protective technology is to reduce and prevent the colonization and multiplication of bacteria, mold and mildew, algae or dust mites – the cause of undesirable odors, staining and material fatigue – through the antimicrobial treatment on various types of material. The antimicrobial Sanitized® treatment, which has been tried and tested worldwide for many years, offers deep-down protection.


Reducing the development of odor means individuals can enjoy wearing their sports gear socks, shoes or outdoor clothing for much longer. It also means the need for fewer washes and the items can be cleaned at low energy-saving temperatures. In brief, this extends the service life of the products – our contribution to the fight against the trend for disposable textiles.


Safe and durable: The Sanitized® hygiene function can be integrated in textiles as well as in polymers products during the production process, making this feature of protection permanent as it does not wash out. In the area of home textiles, the Sanitized® hygiene function is a great source of comfort for allergy sufferers.


When used in plastics, the antimicrobial Sanitized® technology provides valuable support for hygiene measures in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in hospitals, nursing facilities and on public transport (e.g. with treated wall coverings, flooring, door handles and seating surfaces).


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