Good Mask ™ — is the mask
you want to wear. Attractive, comfortable
& with Swiss designed technology.


Sanitized AG from Switzerland’s coating, keeps your mask more hygienic through an advanced microbial function.


Reduce harm and waste on the environment by buying a reusable mask. 


Effective double-layer design (as recommended by the World Heath Organisation) for additional peace of mind. You can also add an optional filter.

Waterproof & Odour Control

Feel more comfortable and fresh in your mask when wearing it. Advanced coating technologies keep your mask cleaner.

SANITIZED AG has been supporting the work of hygienists in hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing and care facilities for many years with its antimicrobial – and now also antiviral – additives used to enhance the functionality of textiles and polymers.

Sanitized AG - Producer of GoodMask™'s coating

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